During the month of July I decided to take part in the “No Buy July” challenge. What does that entail? Only buying the essentials like groceries, diapers, medicine, cleaning supplies, etc. Here is what was off limits:



New Beauty Products

Home Decor

Everything else I throw in my cart at Target


I’m actually so happy I did this, but first off let me say July was a bad month to do this challenge…Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, Lululemon Warehouse Sale, and a million more, or at least it seemed like it!

Anyways, the point of this challenge was to really take a look at what you already own. Go through it all. Keep and appreciate what makes you happy, what you actually use. Anything you don’t, get rid of it…donate to local charities, Goodwill, your local humane society, etc. Quality over quantity is the goal here! I also really wanted to shift my focus from material things to experiences.

Now I haven’t gotten through everything I need to clean out at my house, but I did get most of the upstairs done. Our closets, bedroom, bathroom drawers, Jaxon’s closet. I also completely reworked our mudroom, pantry, refrigerator, and went through all of Jaxon’s toys in his toy room. Just in those small spaces I ended up donating 12 large bags full of clothes, shoes, toys, accessories, etc. It felt great to get it out, and hopefully someone else will get use out of what we no longer do.

Now back to the experiences over things…I told my husband about this challenge and of course he was all about it! BUT I said with the money I don’t spend this month on things, lets book plane tickets somewhere for a long weekend! It took some convincing but eventually he was all in. Originally I was was going to log the prices of things I would have bought to see how much money I actually saved, but didn’t end up doing this. Instead I found myself completely avoiding places like Target, the mall, shopping online, because I knew I couldn’t buy anything and it was just a waste of my time. Time is another thing I got more of! When you can’t make a Home Goods or Target run or spend some time in the evening shopping online, you gain extra time back in your day. This is when I tried to do the cleaning out of our stuff.

All in all, I would highly recommend this challenge to anyone. Let me know if you have any questions! I will even continue to live this way, for the most part, in August, and continue to go through our stuff…basement, kitchen cabinets are up next. AND we are going to NYC over Labor Day weekend : )


Katelyn’s Kravings:

Shoe Storage: (on sale!) Shoe Organizer 

Toy Room Storage: (you can get cute baskets for these) Cube Organizer

Baskets for above: Wire Crate & Woven Cube

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