I know sometimes Costco can be overwhelming, especially when you have an overtired toddler along for the trip. I wanted to give you a list of things I buy when I go to Costco, to help you maximize your time. I think just about everything on my list is pretty macro friendly, healthy, and dairy free and if it’s not the healthiest it’s probably a treat for Jaxon (like fruit snacks).

Shopping List:


Fresh Fruit (variety pack already cut up) – we’ll snack on this all week

Blueberries – we all put these in our oatmeal about every morning

Organic Veggie Bowls – add some protein, like grilled chicken and it’s a quick and easy lunch/dinner (found in frozen section)

Cauliflower Rice – love to make stir-fry with this on low carb days

Sweet Mini Peppers – great for snacking on with hummus, or roasting

Cage Free Egg Whites

Larabars – easy snack on the go and Jaxon approves

Rice Rollers – perfect to pair with some protein pre or post workout

Fig Bars – perfect to pair with some protein pre or post workout

Ground Turkey

Chicken Breasts

Annie’s Organic Fruit Snacks – Jaxon’s favorite treat!

GoGo Fruit & Veggie Squeezes – perfect snack to pack for your kids when you are on the go

Peanut Butter Powder – a low fat peanut butter option

Maple Syrup

Heavenly Hunks – OMG! The best dairy free treat ever! I think this would be great for breastfeeding mom’s with all the oats to increase milk supply.

Ezekiel Bread – found in frozen section which is nice because you don’t have to thaw it all out at once

Organic Jack’s Cantina Salsa

Kodiak Cake’s Protein Pancake/Waffle Mix

Bone Broth – full of collagen : )

La Croix

Kirkland Paper Towel & Toilet Paper

*Also if you are ever throwing a party, they have an amazing beer and wine selection, as well as birthday cakes…huge sheet cakes for a great price!

**I get all of our pictures developed at Costco as well.


Let me know if you have any questions on my shopping list, or how we use certain items. Also let me know if there is anything at Costco that you love, that I need to try!!


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