I put together a list of some things to bring when visiting a new mom and her baby. I have so many friends/family who are pregnant or just had a baby and got some great feedback from them, plus I remembered back to when Jaxon was born, and some things I enjoyed.

First of all, I don’t like cards and I don’t like gift bags. I think they are a waste of money and just get thrown away. Instead think baskets or something that can be reused. I love getting something, like pictured below, that can be used to put diapers and wipes in and placed downstairs or in another room other than the nursery. This way you don’t have to go up and down stairs every time you need to change your baby.

What I like to put in the basket:

A Crib Sheet – It seemed like I was always washing Jaxon’s crib sheets and having a couple extras meant I didn’t have to be on top of laundry 24/7.

A Scented Candle – As a new mom you are home a lot more in the beginning, especially if you had a c-section, so a nice touch is a new candle.

Chapstick – I don’t know, I always wanted water and chapstick!

Homemade Granola – A great snack for a nursing mom, and oats help with milk supply. Click here for a great dairy free recipe.

Homemade Trail Mix – This is another great snack for a nursing mom. Something easy that can be set on the night stand when you are up for a feeding late night. Think almonds and other nuts for healthy fats. Seeds, dried fruit and maybe a little chocolate to sweeten it up.

Protein Bars – I love the Think Thin bite size protein snacks. The peanut butter chocolate ones are great when you need something sweet, but still a good macro friendly option.

Magazines – Sometimes a mindless read is a nice break.

Some other nice things you can do for a new mom: make dinner for the family, do the dishes, watch the baby so she can shower, etc.

Enjoy celebrating all the new mom’s in your life. I know they appreciate it!

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