I know as moms, and as parents (don’t want to leave out the dads!) we are so busy and our days can feel so long, but did we even get much done?

Here are five things I TRY to do every week, for me, to keep myself motivated, fresh, and feeling accomplished.

Wake up before everyone else. Ugh it can be hard to get up early, but when I make myself it’s just the best! 4:15am comes around too fast some mornings, but getting to the gym for the 5am class and sometimes staying for the 6am class as well, allows me to get in a great workout, and be home by 7am before Jaxon is up! I have so much energy after I workout, so enjoying some tea, writing, or even cleaning before he wakes up is such good “me time.” When I hear him start to toss and turn, I can get his breakfast going and then get him. I just feel so accomplished when I get up and do this, all before 8am.

Make a hot dinner for your family and eat together with no cell phones, TV, etc. I know with everyone’s schedules it can be hard to all sit down for dinner at the same time, but making this a priority at least once a week will allow you to catch up and feel more connected. I know my toddler rather have Paw Patrol on while he eats, but it’s the best, when he tells us about his day: “Football with Oliver.” “Eat all together!” Plus I get to catch up with my husband at the same time, and I think that sets some good examples for young kids. You can even get the kids involved with the cooking.

Meal Prep! Spend some time on the weekend, or maybe it’s Monday when the kids are at school and make a plan for the week. Plan out your dinners (that you will eat together : ) and make a grocery list. I have a free template here that you can use to organize your week.Then you have everything you need for dinner that night. Also cook some staples or make enough dinner for leftovers that you can pack and take to work for lunch. Knowing you have a healthy snack/meal prepared that you can grab out of the fridge helps to keep me on track. Click here for basic meal prepping 101. I feel so much better when I eat clean all week, and don’t have to reach for junk because I’m starving and have nothing “good” ready to eat.

Treat Yo Self! Do something just for you! This doesn’t have to be big, or expensive. Maybe you make time to workout, buy your favorite drink at Starbucks, go to Target…alone. Plan a date night, grab a drink with friends. Take a long shower, read, get a mani/pedi. Whatever it is, just take some time for yourself, and don’t feel guilty about it. This recharges us and makes us even better!

Be Grateful! I have a sign in the office that says, “Start each day with a grateful heart.” Take a minute while you are in the shower, or laying in bed and count your blessings and be thankful for everything you have and have done. I think that it’s a great mindset to get into to start your day. So many people think “I wish I had this or that, or poor me, or why did that have to happen yesterday.” Instead, switch your mindset, and your day will be that much better.


It’s Monday, the start of a new week. Make time for yourself, you deserve it! And take a minute to be proud of everything you’ve accomplished and what you are about to accomplish this week!

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