I have been in some serious need of new tights, especially with the weather finally getting cold! I’m normally all Lululemon all the time, and love the low rise Wunder Unders, but lately haven’t had much luck there. The fit, and fabric haven’t been my favorite in a lot of the tights, especially the high rise that they are mostly carrying now. So I decided I would head in to Athleta and try on ALL THE TIGHTS! It took some time, but here are my favorites. If you click the links they will have more (better) pictures and better descriptions of the fabric, etc.

I think all tights were $69 -$89, which was a nice break! Also I wore an XS in all of these. For reference at Lululemon I wear a size 4.

Oh and the best part…you can buy these online, wear them to workout in, and if they slip on you, or you don’t like the feel, whatever it is, they will return them! “Give-It-A-Workout Guarantee” This is nice, because everyone has different body types, and I’m sure some of these that worked for me, might not work for others, and vice versa. Also a lot of these are available in petit and plus sizes, as well as regular, and long lengths.


Spectrum Sonar 7/8 Tight

These fit more of a low – mid rise, and they are a 7/8 length. The material is slick and sweat wicking. I just loved the fun print on these, plus they felt like they kept my legs compressed, but weren’t too tight at the top of the waist to give me a bad muffin top or anything. *I bought these!


High Rise Expanse Stripe Chaturanga Tight 

Okay, Im not into high rise tights, like at all…at least the ones I’ve tried on in the past from Athleta, Lululemon, even Target. These I really liked though! I also liked this material, called a recycled poly. It was also wicking and breathable. *I didn’t buy these in store, and then ended up coming home and ordering online! (notice comparison to next pair)


High Rise Floral Crush Chaturanga Tight 

These are also a high rise Chaturanga tight, however as you can see compared to the previous picture they fit much lower on my waist. (weird, but I LOVE these!) The material also seemed a bit thinner and softer than the previous one. I would wear these as athleisure, running, yoga, and even CrossFit. *I bought these!

Sweatshirt pictured is from Target, their new workout line, JoyLab.

Running shoes pictured are Nike. (free shipping – no minimum from Dicks)


High Rise Chaturanga Tight 

Apparently I didn’t get a good picture of these on, but the fit very similar to the striped high rise. The waist band was higher on me, and this material was more textured. Really cute, and feel like these would be better for more athleisure. *I didn’t buy these.


Chaturanga Tight

These were more of a low rise, and I love them! I’m glad I saw these in-store, because if you click the link to shop the grey looks nothing like these on their website. I even had an associate look them up online at the store, to make sure they were the same, and yes, they were both the black heather. I would say these are the most basic ones I tried on. They remind me a lot of Lululemon’s Wunder Unders. I tried to find more colors but they only have the black and black heather. *I bought these! Also this sweater was really cute, it’s the Criss Cross Sweatshirt . I didn’t end up buying, it but I have the dress version and love it! Criss Cross Dress


Relay Tight 2.0

The color is just like the ones I show before this, however these have more fun details and pockets which are great! A little higher rise on the waist, but again these did not go up as high as the striped ones did on me. These would be great for run, CrossFit! I almost feel like I should have bought these now, instead of the ones above, but I went with the more basic pair, and the low rise.


I think the only Athleta tank I have is the With Ease Tank and I wear it quite a bit. I just noticed a few colors are on sale.


Let me know if you guys have any questions on any of these tights!


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