Thanksgiving is coming up in less than two weeks, and for many people this means traveling. The Wednesday before Thanksgiving and a few days before Christmas are some of the busiest travel days of the year. Packing snacks for the road is best, but sometimes you just need a treat when you are road tripping. Grabbing a snack while stopping for gas can be tempting, so here are my top snack picks that will keep you on track, and satisfied.

Sweet Snacks:

Quest Bars: 21g Carbs/ 8g Fat/ 21g Protein (macros very slightly depending on flavor)


thinkThin Bars: 22g Carbs/ 9g Fat/ 20g Protein (macros very slightly depending on flavor)


Chobani Greek Yogurt: 18g Carbs/ 0g Fat/ 12g Protein (macros very slightly depending on flavor)


That’s it Bar: 26g Carbs/ 0g Fat/ 1g Protein


RX Bar: 23g Carbs/ 9g Fat/ 12g Protein (macros very slightly depending on flavor)


Fresh Fruit: macros will very depending on fruit, but you can count on about 15g-30g Carbs (depending on size) and no fat or protein.


Salty Snacks:

Pretzels: 25g Carbs/ 0g Fat/ 3g Protein (per serving, 20 pretzels)


Dry Roasted Edamame: 10g Carbs/ 4g Fat/ 13g Protein (in 1/3 cup)


Skinny Pop Popcorn: 15g Carbs/ 10g Fat/ 2g Protein (entire package)


Epic Bar (Chicken): 1g Carbs/ 4g Fat/ 15g Protein


Harvest Snaps Snapea Crisps: 28g Carbs/ 10g Fat/ 8g Protein (entire package)


Jack Links Original Jerky: 6g Carbs/ 1g Fat/ 10g Protein (1/3 of package)


Nut Harvest Pistachios: 7g Carbs/ 11g Fat/ 5g Protein (entire package)



All the water to stay hydrated! If you need some caffeine during your long drive I suggest black coffee or black iced tea. Sometimes I go for a Diet Coke fountain pop (it’s just the best!) but I’m not recommending this as a “healthy option”. If you do chose a fountain drink as a treat, I recommend grabbing a diet, so you avoid using up a lot of macros and tons of sugar!


I hope this helps for your upcoming travels!

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