A lot of people start “dieting” or their New Year’s Resolutions on January 1st, however many people have been working hard the past few months or even year on their health and fitness goals. And while some of those people didn’t track macros or gave themselves some grace over Christmas, they are back at it now! Of course I want you to enjoy yourself on NYE (I’m going to!) and even New Year’s Day, but here are some tips to not totally overdo it!

WORKOUT! Start your New Year’s Eve with a morning workout…run a 5k, get a class in at the gym, whatever you can do to get a good sweat in.

EAT! Don’t starve yourself all day. Instead eat a good breakfast with lean protein and veggies…think veggie omelette or something similar. Same thing for lunch lean protein..chicken, ground turkey, etc. with veggies and some carbs. Save extra carbs and fats for a good dinner out or appetizers at a party, and of course for alcohol if you’ll be drinking. (But don’t enter the party starving!)

DRINK! Drink Smart…limit yourself to a certain amount of alcoholic beverages, and choose them wisely. To save on calories stay away from fruit juices and sugary drink mixes. Also avoid heavier beers with more calories. I like to stick with clear drinks like a vodka soda or vodka and la croix…it’s low in calories and sugar. Don’t forget to have water in between cocktails.

PLAN for NEW YEAR’S DAY! Lets face it, you might be hung-over the next day or at least super tired from staying out late, which can mean craving greasy, fried foods to help cure that hangover. But you don’t want to start the New Year out that way. My solution…plan my meals ahead of time in My Fitness Pal. Don’t have those greasy foods on hand. Do have meals in the fridge you can easily pull-out and heat up. Football will be on, do something fun like sweet potato nachos or a crockpot full of chili. They are both tasty and satisfying.


I’m sure all of my clients know how to account for alcohol in MFP lol, but if you don’t or need a refresher, here you go:

Logging alcohol as carbs:

Total Calories / 4 = Carbs to log (So a 100 calorie vodka soda divided by 4, I would log 25g carbs)

Logging alcohol as fats:

Total Calories / 9 = Fats to log (So a 100 calorie vodka soda divided by 9, I would log about 11g fat)

*you can also do a combo or fats/carbs if you wish


Above all, I hope everyone has a fun and safe New Year’s Eve with friends and family! 2018 here we come!!

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