This is another great March Madness snack, and it’s pretty simple!

My sister makes the best guacamole, and she shared the recipe she uses with me. It’s actually one of Ina’s. You can find that here. It really is so good. Jax was just eating it with a spoon.

Then all you do for the sweet potatoes, is pre-heat your oven to 425.

Cut your sweet potatoes in half length-wise. (I cut the ends off first, to create a sturdy base.) Then take each half and cut wedges, about an inch or so thick. This way they will hold up to dipping.

Spray a foil-lined baking sheet with olive oil spray, and place your sweet potato wedges on the baking sheet. Spray them with olive oil spray and use sea salt and black pepper to season. Cooking times might differ a little, but I cooked for 20 minutes, and then flipped over and cooked for 10 more.

Once fork tender, place on a plate with your guacamole to serve. I topped mine with a little more sea salt and some fresh cilantro. Enjoy : )



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