Do you guys have a snack station at home? To be honest, I made this for Jaxon, because I am lazy! It seems like I’ll be up working on things, cleaning, cooking, whatever…and the second I sit down, “Mom, I need a snack!” Well now I can say, “Okay, go get one!’

I created a snack station on the bottom shelf of the pantry, so he can reach in, and grab a snack of his choice. But of course I have filled it with snacks I’m okay with him choosing. And he will bring it to me to open, so I can approve or tell him to pick something else. We use it most often when we are heading out in the car and need a snack or two to take with us. (If we are home and I’m not being lazy I’ll make him a healthier snack…fruit salad, hummus with pretzels and veggies, etc.)

I also like to mix up his snacks, so when something runs out I’ll try and replace with something different so he doesn’t get sick of the same things all the time. Right now we have:

Chex Mix

Apple Sauce Pouches

Organic Fruit Strips

Pop Chips

Lara Bars


Some other things I like to add:

Animal Crackers

Annie’s Fruit Snacks

Veggie Straws

Small Apples

Organic Cereal Bars (like a Nutri Grain Bar)

Bobo Bars

Peanut Butter Crackers 

(all of Jaxon’s snacks have to be dairy and egg free)


It got me thinking, what I would add to a snack station for Ryan and myself. Snacks that you could grab when in a bind or on the go, and still stay on track with your macros and nutrition. This is what I came up with:

Beef Jerky 

RX Bars

Mighty Muffins


Almond Butter Packs

Small Apples

Dried Fruit 

Think Thin Bars

Fig Bars


I’m thinking I might just have to make an “adult snack station” now!

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