I don’t get to Trader Joe’s often, but wanted to mix up some of the things we have been eating, and decided to make a trip last week. Above is a picture of my cart, and what I picked up.

I decided to hold off on writing this blog until now, to give me time to try out the products and review them for you and let you know how I used them! So here we go..


Vegetable Fried Rice (frozen) – this was really tasty. I cooked in a sauté pan with a little olive oil spray and added some cooked chicken. Again, it was good, and easy, and super fast, like a 5 minute dinner. I also added some coconut aminos and hot sauce. The thing I didn’t love, and it’s not against the product itself, but I think we have gotten so used to eating cauliflower rice, that the volume we could eat for the high amount of carbs wasn’t as filling or satisfying. But speaking of cauliflower rice..


Cauliflower Stir Fry (frozen) – I liked this product even better and would buy it again over the regular rice. The seasoning was great! I was going to do chicken with it but we only had ground turkey, but it was really great. Again, quick, healthy dinner. I think the entire package is only 45g carbs! The sesame oil and ginger seasoning made this a winner for me!


Cauliflower Gnocchi (frozen) – this was fun! I have never had a product like this and we really liked it. I cooked following package instructions, but then after water evaporated, found a bit mushy, so added a tablespoon, maybe two, of vegan butter, two garlic cloves and fresh sage leaves and let the gnocchi brown up a bit and develop a golden crust. Just added salt and pepper (meant to add parmesan cheese but forgot). Anyways this was a great side, and will make again!


PB&J Bars – I was looking for a fun different snack for Jaxon. He didn’t love them, but I thought they were good, and Ryan finished off the box. Probably wont buy again, unless Ryan wants them.

Chili Lime Seasoning – I really like this! I used to season the chicken in my crockpot and baked some chicken in the oven with it. The lady at the check-out told me it’s great on watermelon. I’m yet to try that, but bet it would be.

Everything But the Bagel Sesame Seasoning – LOVE! I’m probably the last to try and buy this, as I’m sure everyone has heard of it, but I’m happy I jumped on board. I had this on my avocado toast and it’s great! I can’t wait to put on my next batch of roasted veggies too. Ryan has been eating on his eggs and really likes it as well.

Green Goddess Salad Dressing – obsessed! The macros are amazing! Like nothing in it haha. And the ingredients are even better. This is my new go-to. It would also be great over some grilled chicken.

English Peas – like any other peas, I added these to a salad. They would also be good mixed in with the gnocchi.

Salad Mix – again really good, nothing special or different, but would definitely buy again next time I’m at TJ’s.

Maple Syrup – it’s maple syrup lol, I just bought because we were out.


Overall, I think I found some new staples for us and am so happy I went! If you have questions on any of the products above, please let me know! Also if you have used any, especially in a different way than I did, I would love to hear about it!

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