It’s that time of year, the weather is getting warmer, and your weekends are suddenly getting filled up with kid’s sports. Spending all day Saturday at the soccer fields or traveling the entire weekend for a baseball tournament is the new norm.

While our kids and their activities may be our main focus, it’s important to still make yourself a priority, and you can easily keep your nutrition on track with a little planning ahead. This is currently the number one question/concern we are seeing from clients right now…”I’m really great at hitting my numbers Monday – Friday, but then on the weekends I’m at the baseball fields or traveling to games, and we eat out and I can’t hit my numbers.”

Here are some tips to keep you on track during the weekends. First of all lets talk about what we should pack from home.


Packing List:

A Cooler & Ice

Your Protein Powder (protein)

Shaker Bottle

Bottled Water (mix with protein, plus stay hydrated!)

Beef Jerky (protein)

Low Sodium Lunch Meat (protein)

Favorite Protein Bars (protein)

Hummus (carb & fat)

Raw Veggies (carb)

Fruit (carb)

Pretzels (carb)

Almond Butter Packets (fat)

String Cheese (fat)


By packing some or all of these items you have great options to munch on during the day. All your macro sources are covered. You could start with a protein shake. Around lunchtime have some turkey lunch meat with string cheese and hummus. Dip your pretzels and veggies in hummus. You could even pack pita or bread for extra carbs and make a sandwich. Then maybe later in the afternoon an apple dipped in almond butter as a snack or a protein bar. You can mix and match items for what macros you need to fill throughout the day.


Eating Out:

If you are traveling for a weekend tournament chances are you are going to eat out for dinner with the team. Keep that in mind, and plan accordingly. I tell clients to save some extra carbs and fats for dinners out. When choosing something off the menu, stay away from fried foods and things covered in cheese or creamy sauces. Look for a lean protein like chicken, turkey, or a white fish. All the veggies for your side, and you can always ask them to hold the butter! Lets be realistic, you could be heading out for pizza with the baseball team though, and that is why I recommend saving those carbs and fats. Choose a big salad with a light dressing to fill you up, and then have a piece of pizza, instead of an entire pizza. All about balance! When you get back to the hotel if you are low on protein, mix up a shake before bed.


A Few More Tips:

Eat a good breakfast before heading to the ball fields.

If time permits get an early morning workout in…active day carbs!!

Stay Hydrated!

Move around during the day. Walk between innings or games.

Stay away from the concession stands. What you packed is better anyways.

If you don’t hit your macros perfectly, don’t stress!

Share your healthy snacks with the kids. They can benefit as well.


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