Here in Indiana we basically went from Winter to Summer and skipped Spring, logging one of, if not, the hottest May on record! At least now that Memorial Day weekend has come and gone, all the pools are open for some heat relief and entertainment for the kiddos!

Tuesday I got us all packed up for the pool, and I forgot it can be work, the snacks, the lunches, the toys, towels, swim diapers, drinks, etc. not to mention the extra laundry it creates (and I only have one kid). So to make things easier, and take some of the planning out of it for you, I have listed below some easy items to pack for the pool.

Snacks & Lunch (so you can stay longer without meltdowns):

Fresh Fruit – My two favorites: Watermelon and Frozen Grapes! (just stick a bunch in the freezer the night before and place in a baggy)

Applesauce Pouches

Veggie Straws

Chex Mix or Trail Mix (preferably without chocolate so it doesn’t melt)

Pasta Salad – This is the best, kids love pasta, I mean who doesn’t, and if you make it dairy free, it can sit in your bag, and not get gross. This week I just cooked noodles, cut up cherry tomatoes, baby sweet peppers, fresh basil, and mixed together with Italian dressing.


Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches

Salsa and Tortilla Chips

Peanut Butter with Celery and Apples

Peanut Butter Crackers

Fruit Snacks

Granola Bars


Now most everything above can be brought to the pool and left in a bag, in the shade, and be just fine for a few hours or longer because none of it contains dairy. If you are packing a cooler with you, you can add all kinds of foods, that would otherwise go bad.

For drinks, I usually take a tumbler of ice water for each of us. I fill almost all the way with ice first, so it stays cold even when the ice starts to melt.

A few other random tips…

I pack the food in a plastic grocery bag, and bring a spare with us. I also bring napkins and plasticware (if needed) and then when we are done, I can throw everything away in the extra grocery bag, so clean up is quick and easy.

A lot of Jaxon’s pool toys come from the dollar store, and if we don’t get them all back, that is fine! But some of his bigger more expensive stuff, I will write his name on with sharpie. It never fails after a few weeks our pool toy collection starts to dwindle down. Target’s dollar spot and the Dollar Store are great places to pick up pool toys.

I bought a clear bag/pouch sort of thing, that I put my phone, car keys and anything else I don’t want to accidentally get wet in.

If your baby isn’t potty trained, pack an extra swim diaper. You don’t want one accident to end the day of swimming, especially if you just got there.

I also pack a clean regular diaper, shorts and a t-shirt. I like to change Jaxon out of his swim trunks before we leave, as there is a good chance he falls asleep on the way home, and then I can just carry him up to nap without having to wake and change him.


I hope this is helpful, and I would love hearing any fun tips/tricks you have for the pool season!

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