If you guys are like me, it’s hard to find all of your favorite products, groceries, etc. at just one grocery store. I usually go to 2-4 stores a week, stocking up on the brands we use most often. If only I could get it all in one place!!

I decided to do a short blog series on the top 10 products I buy at the stores I frequent most often.

This week I am sharing my favorites from Fresh Thyme. (Last week I posted my favorite products from Target, which you can find here.)

Fresh Thyme is actually less than a mile from our house, so not only is it super convenient, but they also carry a lot of allergy friendly products that we love. These are some of the main things I go to Fresh Thyme for each week…

  1. Honest Organic Black Tea ($1.99)
  2. Tejava Black Tea ($2.99)
  3. All the Dairy Free Cheeses (prices vary)
  4. Ozery Bakery Morning Rounds, orange-cranberry ($3.99)
  5. Fresh Thyme Fresh Almond Butter (prices vary on size)
  6. Fresh Thyme Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice ($2.99)
  7. Fresh Thyme Unsweetened Almond Milk ($3.00)
  8. Silk Dairy Free Vanilla Yogurt ($5.49)
  9. Good Food Made Simple Scramble Bowls ($3.99)
  10. Lundberg Organic Rice Cakes ($3.00)

I would love to hear some of your favorite products at Fresh Thyme! Oh, and bonus, how could I forget the gummy bears!!

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