I’ve been getting a lot more pregnancy questions, blog topic ideas, etc. from friends and clients, which helped me come up with this fun post. I had already decided I wanted to have a fun summer with Jaxon, as it’s our last with just me and him, and obviously our last as a family of three. Each day I have with just him, I try to be more present, less phone, less TV, and more playing!

The other day him and I came up with a fun list of things we want to do together and/or as a family of three before the baby arrives in November. I basically came up with ideas and he said “yes” or “no”. Here is what we came up with, and some of these things we have actually already done.

  1. Attend an IU football game this Fall.
  2. Attend an Indianapolis Indians baseball game.
  3. Have a fun 3rd birthday weekend!
  4. Go on a beach vacation.
  5. Take family pictures.
  6. Paint a piggy bank at uPaint for baby’s nursery.
  7. Spend time at the lake.
  8. Potty Train!!
  9. Read books about becoming a big brother.
  10. Go to a movie.


Some other activities that we do weekly, I left out of our top 10 list, but are also fun suggestions: Indianapolis Zoo, Indianapolis Children’s Museum, Connor Prairie, Top Golf, swimming pools and splash pads!

Feel free to use any of these ideas if you have your second/third/fourth baby coming soon! I’d also love to hear any ideas you have to make your first born feel special before their new sibling arrives.

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