I love all these summer ingredients, and love even more when my husband can grill them all up, and I don’t have to do much in the kitchen : )


What You Need: for 2 salads

1 bag of Mixed Greens

2 Peaches, sliced thick

1/2 Red Onion, sliced

2 Chicken Breasts

2 Ears of Corn (lets be honest, better make extras bc/ it’s so good right now!)

1 Avocado, sliced

2 tbsps Sliced Almonds

2 tbsps Dried Cherries

Whole Foods Oil Free Balsamic Dressing (or your fav dressing)

Olive Oil Spray

You can cook your corn on the cob however you would like, but this is how we do it. Take one ear, and place in a sheet of foil. Smear a bit of vegan butter, salt and pepper, and put two ice cubes in the foil. Wrap up the ear of corn and place on the grill for about 12 minutes. The ice will melt and steam the corn.

Next season your chicken breasts with favorite seasoning and throw on the grill.

Once your chicken and corn are almost done, spray your peaches and onions with some olive oil spray and add to the grill. These will only take a few minutes. I put mine in a grill pan like the one pictured below.

To assemble each salad put your mixed greens in a large bowl or on a plate. Then add the chicken, peach slices, onions, corn (cut off the cob), avocado, sliced almonds, dried cherries, salt and pepper to season and top with your favorite dressing.

Summer in a bowl : )

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