It’s August and that means school is starting back up. Back to early morning routines and getting the kids on the bus, and part of that is packing lunches. You want them to be nutritious, and at the same time, something your kids will eat. Here are some tips that will make your kids look forward to lunchtime.


  1. Choose a Main Course, Fruit/Veggies, and a Treat. Here are some foods ideas to pair together:


Pasta Salad + Strawberries + Pretzels + Chocolate Hummus

DIY Lunchable (see below) + Baby Carrots + Ranch Dip + Fruit Snacks

Hard Boiled Egg + Yogurt + Granola + Berries

Quesadilla + Tortilla Chips & Salsa + Fruit Salad

Peanut Butter & Banana Roll-up + Cucumbers + Wheat Thins + Hummus

Mini Pancakes + Syrup + Berries + Hard Boiled Egg


  1. To get kids to eat their veggies/fruit better, include a dip. Dips can change up the taste and make things more interesting. Try:


Apple or Banana with Almond Butter

Baby Carrots & Celery with Ranch Dip

Baby Carrots & Sweet Peppers with Hummus

Berries & Grapes with Yogurt Dip

Berries & Apples with Chocolate Hummus


  1. Let your kids use some creativity in what you pack, for example include a DIY Lunchable:


Turkey Slices + Sliced Cheddar + Whole Wheat Crackers

Pita + Pepperoni + Mozzarella + Pizza Sauce

Pretzels + Sliced Ham + Sliced Swiss

(make sure to also include some sides: fruits, veggies, dips, a treat, etc.)


  1. Make it fun!


Cut sandwiches, cheese slices, etc. out with fun shaped cookie cutters.

Separate ingredients with cupcake liners (especially the DIY Lunchables).

Use mini skewers (layer a small piece of bread, turkey, cheese cube, repeat).

Write them a cute note.

Include something homemade (trail mix, a muffin, etc.).

Let them pick out their lunch box at the store.


  1. Take some help from the store. Here are some individually wrapped items you can easily throw in:


Kid’ Size Protein Bars (so many are available now: Larabars, Cliff Bars, RX Bars, etc.)

Apple Sauce Pouches

Individual Bags of Pretzels, Veggie Straws, Trail Mix, etc.

Rice Krispy Treats

Granola Bars

Annie’s Products (like fruit snacks)


I hope some of these tips help when trying to create and healthy and interesting lunch for your littles!


  1. Rachael

    August 8, 2018 at 1:46 pm

    Any good lunch box suggestions? Charlotte is going to preschool this year and we will be packing lunch for the first time. I love all your ideas and she eats pretty healthy. I need a good lunch box that has separate spaces for all of the little things I want to pack her. Let me know if you have a lunch box you love!


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