It seems like lately I have been getting a ton of nutrition and macros questions from both new and old clients, friends, and people I don’t even know personally. I wanted to put them all here in one place for you to access in case you had some of the same questions.

1. I just had a baby! When can I start working with Macros Lab and tracking my macros?

Congrats! I suggest waiting at least 6 weeks before starting up a nutrition program like Macros Lab, where you have to weigh and log everything you eat. It can be a lot, especially when you have a newborn and are not quite in a routine, and are not getting much sleep. Also whether you are nursing or not, your hormones are changing a lot right after baby is born, which is just another outside factor you have to add in.

Six to eight weeks is a good starting time, as most likely you are being cleared to workout again by your doctor. You are ready to get out of the house and start grocery shopping and cooking meals for you and your family again.

The only time we really make an exception is when we have a client who has been tracking macros during their pregnancy and in the past and they are nursing and having issues with low milk supply. Making sure they are eating enough, and enough of the right foods to help increase milk supply is a great benefit of macros. People who have went ahead and started before the 6 week mark, don’t normally have success and find themselves to overwhelmed.


2. It’s so much easier to log my macros in My Fitness Pal when I eat simple foods. For example: 4oz of chicken, 1 cup of broccoli and 1 cup of rice for dinner. I am starting to get burnt out on these foods; is there a way to a recipes to My Fitness Pal?

Yes, just because you are logging what you eat, you shouldn’t be tied down to boring bland foods, at least not all the time. I wrote a blog on how to log recipes in MFP, and it takes you through step-by-step. It also includes a recipe for white chicken chili, great for this Fall. You can get that info here. It can take a little time to add your recipe, but once it is in MFP it will always be there for you to access.


3. I know meal prepping is important for me to stay on track, but where do I even start?

I’ve actually written several blogs on meal prepping for you to reference below.

Meal Prepping – Keeping it Simple

Meal Prep – Breakfast Addition

Meal Prepping – Everything You Need 

Meal Prep – Two Lunches for the Week

Weekly Meal Prep


4. My kids are heading back to school and I will have more time to focus on my nutrition, workouts, etc. I’m not sure what I need to do to get back into it though?

A couple things you can do…

Macros Lab offers a Refocus Package, which is a macros adjustment, if needed, weekly check-ins and accountability for that month. The cost is $80 and you can sign up at

Maybe you don’t want to spend the money right now, but have tracked your macros in the past. Just find that motivation to get back at it! Set aside time to hit the gym, run or get your workout in each day. Plan out some meals, grocery shop, and do a little meal prepping so you always have a healthy option to reach for when you are hungry. Here is a free meal template and grocery shopping list you can use to stay organized. Have a spouse or friend get back on track with you so you can hold each other accountable.

DON’T workout 24/7 and eat 1000 calories a day, or crash diet to lose a bunch of weight quickly. It won’t last. You won’t have good energy. You will kill your metabolism!


5. With kids heading back to school that also means tons of activities, practices, tournaments away over the weekends, etc. Any advice for staying on track when I can’t cook at home?

Yes, here is a blog all about this for you to reference, including a packing list of things to take with you, tips for eating out, and more!


6. I’m a competitive CrossFitter (or insert any sport here) and I want to start getting my nutrition back on track so I am completely ready for the Open in about 6 months. Where do I start?

Get with a Macros Lab coach to come up with a game plan! Maybe the rest of this Summer/Fall and into early Winter you are looking at doing some serious strength cycles and adding as much lean mass as possible. But then at the first of the year you want to lean out a bit so you are best prepared for the typical CrossFit Open workouts. Your coach can help you make the adjustments needed so you can achieve these goals! It’s always best to start with something like this earlier, rather than waiting until the month of, to get your nutrition in order. We always say treat your nutrition like you would your training! You wouldn’t take the next 5 months of training off and then start working out the month of the Open to get in shape.

Or maybe you have a marathon coming up this Fall and your runs are getting longer and longer and you don’t feel as fueled or like you are recovering as quickly on your current macros…a coach can help you with these adjustments to make sure you are performing at your best!


I would say these are the top questions I am currently getting. If you have any of your own, please shoot me an email at I’d love to chat with you!

You can also find out more about Macros Lab and the programs we offer here.

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