I just wanted to share some changes I have made in my life the past few months or so, that I think have made a huge difference! Hoping that even if you can apply one or two, they will make a positive impact in your day as well!


1. I’m making more of an effort to keep the house cleaned up. It’s not perfect, but when the house is in order, I just feel better. Simply taking 10 minutes a few times a day to pick up after myself (but really my toddler & hubby : ) has made a huge difference. Then at night when Jaxon is asleep and I have some work to get done, or just want to relax on the couch, my mind is also less cluttered and I can get done what I need to or just relax easier not looking at actual clutter and thinking about the cleaning I should be doing.

2. I’m drinking more water! I know this sounds so simple, but getting enough water for me has always been a challenge. Now that I am making it a priority, it’s crazy how much better I feel! I think right now, during my pregnancy, this has been even more important.

3. Less TV, more podcasts & books. I just feel better investing in my mind and learning something whenever I can! Some of my favorites right now: The School of Greatness and That Sounds Fun. Currently Reading: Everybody Always.

4. Less stuff! This started with the No Buy July Challenge, but I’m almost done getting rid of about 50% of our stuff. My closet is a huge one. It just makes mornings so much easier. Less decisions, and now everything I have I really love. I don’t mind wearing the same things over and over, because I like them. And after baby comes I’ll have a lot more maternity and extra clothes I wont wear again to get rid of. Having these new allergies also forced me to get rid of so many beauty products. But again, it makes getting ready so much faster! I also stopped following a lot of influencers on social media so I stop buying clothes and products I think I want, but don’t NEED. They just take up space. I rather save the money for travel and experiences.

5. I’ve given up control. This is a hard one for me. I’m a control freak, total planner. But realizing, especially through different past experiences, God is the one in control. And through those experiences, I know he was telling me this, and I’ve slowly been more and more okay with it and trusting. And learning from these experiences has been huge. I might not believe that everything happens for a reason, but do believe that everything happens for you to learn from. So take the time to learn, and make changes in your life from the things you go through.

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  1. Nana Robinson

    September 15, 2018 at 11:02 pm


    This is a wonderful blog. Am so proud of you. Nana is sure you can accomplish your goals. Love you so much!❤️❤️❤️


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