Okay, so with the baby coming in about 8 weeks I feel like my time and getting everything done is more precious than ever. I’ll be the first to admit, I can be a procrastinator. I mean isn’t it more exciting to race against the clock to get your house picked up before guests arrive?!

Haha, well to avoid that, and keep on track, here are a few tricks I have been implementing to make sure I can get my to-do lists done each day…

1.  Make a List the night before!

I actually do this every night, and either write it out (because I love to cross things off) or I just type it up on my phone while laying in bed. It’s almost more like a schedule with time blocks so my day is organized and scheduled. Here is an example of what it might look like…

7am – 8:30am: Make breakfast, pick-up around the house, get ready for the gym

9am – 10am: Gym

10am – 12pm: Toddler park with Jaxon & Grocery store

12pm: Lunch at home

1:00pm – 3:00pm: Macros Lab client check-ins while Jax naps

4:00pm – 5:00pm: Ninja class

5:00pm – 6:00pm: Load of laundry, mop, and prep dinner

6:30pm: Dinner

8:00pm: Jaxon down, walk the dog, more Macros Lab work, blog writing if I have time


2. Set a few times a day when you will check emails.

This is a huge time saver for me. So my rule is, I usually check emails first thing in the morning, then again when Jaxon is napping early afternoon, and then at night once he is asleep. That is three times a day, which I think is sufficient and I can still respond to clients in a timely manner. Otherwise I go down a rabbit hole. I might check my email mid morning, and think OMG I have to get just these three emails answered ASAP and then 45 minutes later I am still on the computer, and totally missed the time I had set aside to get other tasks done that should have been priority at that time.

You might think, okay easy for you to say, you work from home and can make your own schedule. I did the same thing when I worked full-time, in the corporate world. Otherwise I would start a project and it would take twice as long to complete because I would let emails interrupt. When I was working I would use google calendars to schedule email checks. So first thing in the morning, 8am an alert would pop-up “check emails”, then again around 11am, 2pm, and right around 5pm before I would leave for the day. This allowed me to stay on track and remain focused on the priority I was working on at that time.


3. Set a few times a day when you will be on social media. (and set your timer)

Again, just like the email checking I mentioned above, having a set time when you can allow yourself a few minutes to browse Instagram will save you a lot of time. Talk about rabbit holes, you can get lost scrolling your feed and watching stories, and then next thing you know 30 minutes has gone by. So again, once Jax is down for a nap, I’ve checked emails, and got some work done, I’ll take a mental break for social media. I set a 10 minute timer on my phone, and when it goes off, times up. I usually do the same thing once all my evening work is done. My exception is when I’m on social media for “work” posting a new blog, or a recipe, or tips/tricks on my stories. This is more intentional and not time I spend browsing for a mental break.



Live, interact with others, get work done, workout, take your dog for a walk, play with your kids, prepare and crush your upcoming meeting, BE PRESENT! Your phone, the texts, emails can wait…I promise! Plus we are implementing tips 2 & 3 so we’ll check our phone at least a few times during the day.


5. Prioritize To-Do’s that you least likely want to do, when you have the most energy during your day.

So maybe you dread going to the gym, but know you need to go. Don’t wait until 8pm at night to schedule time at the gym. You are way more likely to put it off and not make it. Instead turn the TV off, go to bed an hour early, set the alarm an hour early, and hit the gym at 6am before work. Lay out your clothes the night before. You’ll have much more energy after a good night’s sleep, first thing in the morning than you will at 8pm after a long day.

For me, I hate cleaning, seriously! So Wednesdays when Jaxon is at school are usually my bigger cleaning days. Right after I drop him off, I spend an hour at the gym, it gives me a lot of energy after a workout. Grab an ice tea on my drive home…for just a bit more energy, and then it’s go time. I’m more motivated and more likely to get things done around the house at this time of day. If you hate cleaning too, here are a few things I do to make it more manageable: 1. Turn on the music OR a good podcast and blare it! 2. Pick a room, and set a timer! (I’ll say okay, I am going to organize this toy room for the millionth time, and I have 25 minutes to do so..go!) 3. When your timer goes off, switch to the next task and set that timer again, it’s like a game : )


I hope some of these tricks can work for you as well, and save you more time, so you can get more done in your precious 24 hours!

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