I can’t believe it’s November! Thanksgiving is just 2 weeks away! Christmas is less than 7 weeks away! And then we’ll be in 2019! Wow, the holidays are coming up faster than I even thought before I looked at the calendar this morning.

As many of you know, I’m likely having a baby sometime next week, so as far as Macros Lab goes, I will be taking a maternity leave, and not working with clients until the end of the year. That is the main reason why I wanted to write this blog, and leave you all with some tips on getting through the holiday season. My goal for you all is to have a good time and enjoy family and friends this holiday season, without stressing about food and tracking 24/7. I also don’t want you to binge for 2 months and gain a bunch of weight you didn’t want to start the new year out with.

So here are some tips to do just that…

  1. Make/Keep your workouts a priority. If you go to the gym 4 times a week, keep doing that. If you can get some extra time in at the gym, go for it! (I know this can be hard this time of year.) But keep to your normal workout schedule and make that time a priority for you. You’ll feel great getting a sweat in, especially if you are stressed with extra family being in town, trying to cook a big meal, etc. It’s a good time out for you to decompress.
  2. Sign up for a local race. This time of year there are so many 5k races you can sign up for…Turkey Trots, The Santa Hustle, etc. Make it a family affair and get everyone involved. Check to see if the race you are entering allows strollers or dogs to take part. You don’t have to even run, just get out and walk one of these races. If you live in the Indy area, here is a list of races left this year. This will mix up your workouts and it’s fun to take part in a community race and be around all the energy of others. If you are traveling for Thanksgiving or Christmas, search that city for a race. Last year we traveled to Cleveland for Thanksgiving and ran such an awesome 5 mile race Thanksgiving morning.
  3. Don’t have your phone out trying to track calories and macros in My Fitness Pal….on Thanksgiving, Christmas and/or Christmas Eve. I didn’t say for November and December, but on these holidays give yourself a break. Don’t harass your mother-in-law for every recipe she’s serving and rack your brain trying to figure out if the mashed potatoes have butter in them, etc. It’s 2-3 days out of the year, don’t stress, enjoy this time with family!
  4. Take a healthy dish with you. This way you know there is something you can eat, and eat a lot of without ruining your good eating habits? Need some ideas? I have you covered! I made this holiday bake as both a main and side dish last year, and this hummus dip appetizer. Click here for recipes. Both are crowd pleasers! You can also always do a veggie tray with hummus, salsa, light ranch dip, guacamole, etc. and have something to snack on and fill up on before sitting down for a heavier dinner. 
  5. Be smart about your alcohol. Limit yourself to a certain amount of alcoholic beverages, and choose them wisely. To save on calories stay away from fruit juices and sugary drink mixes. Also avoid heavier beers with more calories. I like to stick with clear drinks like a vodka soda or vodka and la croix…it’s low in calories and sugar. Don’t forget to have water in between cocktails. Also resist drinking during the week. Save your alcohol for the actual holidays or get togethers you’ll be attending.I’m sure all of my clients know how to account for alcohol in MFP lol, but if you don’t or need a refresher, here you go:Logging alcohol as carbs:Total Calories / 4 = Carbs to log (So a 100 calorie vodka soda divided by 4, I would log 25g carbs)

    Logging alcohol as fats:

    Total Calories / 9 = Fats to log (So a 100 calorie vodka soda divided by 9, I would log about 11g fat)

    *you can also do a combo or fats/carbs if you wish

  6. Get plenty of Water. Staying plenty hydrated will help you feel your best during the holiday season. How much should be drinking? A minimum of half your body weight in ounces. So if you weigh 150lbs you need at least 75 ounces of water each day.
  7. Stay strict with hitting your macros or with your healthy eating habits. Like I mentioned above, don’t track when you have a get together or on a holiday, BUT you don’t want this to turn into a 2 month binge. You’ll feel so much better even if you track Sunday – Friday and maybe Friday night you have a company party and Saturday a Friendsgiving, so okay you don’t track then. But you are tracking during the week, and making smart food choices. Maybe Saturday night you have a few cocktails at your party, that is okay, Sunday get right back on track. AND if you know Saturday night you will be going to your Friendsgiving, be smart Saturday…get a workout in, get in a good amount of protein, and keep fats and carbs low, as you know you probably wont have an issue getting those in that night.
  8. Find an accountability partner or a Macros Lab coach for the next few months. Even if you don’t track macros or want to make the investment right now, get a friend or spouse on board with your healthy habits and do this together. Meet each other at the gym, send each other food pics, shoot over a check-in text every now and then to make sure you are staying on track. Doing this with someone will be so much easier to stick to your plan. Another good idea is to take some progress pictures now, and every two weeks, as well as weigh yourself. If you notice you are getting off track, it makes it easier to see and get back dialed in.

I really hope these tips help you through the holiday season. Please don’t forget to enjoy this time with friends and family. Remember it’s a lifestyle, you have to live life to the fullest, and splurging a few days out of the year aren’t going to hurt anything in the long run! This should also give you a leg up on everyone starting their weight loss and health journey at the beginning of the year. You’ll already be in your routine and can just keep on rolling.

I also wanted to mention a huge sale Macros Lab is having on Black Friday. For current or past members you can purchase a monthly refocus package for 50% off! (limit one per person) and if you are a new client you can purchase a 4 week or 8 week package at 25% off (limit one per person). All packages just have to be started by February 28th, 2019. So you could purchase and work with a coach all December, or wait until the New Year, or maybe you have Spring Break plans and want the accountability to start in February. Lots of options and a great way to work with Macros Lab at a great price. Packages can be purchased on November 23rd at Macroslab.com.

Let me know if you have any questions on the packages, and if you want to purchase one and work with me, I’ll start a waitlist for January 1. Just shoot me a message at Katelyn.Marando@gmail.com.

Happy Holidays everyone!!

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