It’s crazy to think how many new products have come out in the past three years, or maybe they were out and I just didn’t know about them. Below I am reviewing some of my favorite products that I didn’t have with Jaxon, that I wish I would have.

If you are pregnant or looking for a gift for someone who is, please take a look at what I am loving, below. Let me know if you have any questions.

The DockATot

This is basically a portable lounger for Kollyns. She can hang out in it anywhere. I can put her on the floor next to Jax and I while we are playing. She can nap up on the kitchen island while I’m cooking. Or if we are going to my parents’ house, no need for a crib or bassinet. I can just put the DockATot in the car and really use it anywhere we go.

There are warnings that the DockATot is not approved for safe sleeping at night, like if you were to put it in a bassinet or crib. It is suppose to be for supervised lounging/napping, and that is what we use it for. However, I do know a ton of moms that use it in this way. Oh, another great use, tummy time!

P.S. This is pricey, but search your TJ Maxx or HomeGoods. I found mine there for $110, instead of the $200 listed on their website : )


The Zen Swaddle & Zen Sack

I found these late night, nursing Kollyns, scrolling Instagram, and they were an advertisement on my feed. Overtired from being up with her, I gave in and ordered. I am so happy I did. The first night she fell right to sleep. Usually I have to hold her and when I put her down she wakes up instantly. This seems to be doing the trick of keeping her asleep!


Cloud Island Sleepers

Kollyns has been living in these since we brought her home from the hospital. I love that the zipper starts at the foot so you only have to unzip half way up to change a diaper. Also the sleeves fold down at the bottom to make little mittens, so she doesn’t scratch her face. All the patterns are cute, and I actually just ordered some more when linking these. I have a receiving blanket and bunting from this brand as well, and they are great! These are all reasonably priced and would make great gifts.


Milk Snob Cover

I put this over Kollyns’s carseat to keep the wind and sun off of her. Then if you need to nurse while you are out, you can pull it off of the carseat and it doubles as a cover for you. It washes really well too!


Baby Shopping Cart Hammock

Okay, so I actually haven’t used his yet…winter time, 3 week old…not trying to be out in store yet if I don’t have to be. BUT I cannot wait to try this. Leaves so much more room in the cart for groceries, etc.


The Ollie Swaddle

Swaddling made easy! This velcro swaddle is great, so easy to use and the packaging it comes in is adorable! Not to mention the story behind it is great, as it was developed by a foster mom.


Under the Bump Underwear

I ordered these in my third trimester, my regular size small, and they fit perfect! They are so comfortable and I wear them now, post baby, and they fit right under my c-section scar!


Medela Nursing Bra

This is so comfortable, and my favorite nursing bra. It’s great for lounging around at home and sleeping overnight in. I just add some Medela nursing pads and am good to go.


Again, let me know if you have any questions on these products and/or if there are any other good ones I should be trying!

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