I know so many people are trying to get in shape this time of year, New Year, New You…you know that sort of thing. New Year’s resolutions, over-crowded gyms, etc. Well this year I am joining the masses, as it is actually perfect timing for me!

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November 16th I welcomed our baby girl, Kollyns, into this world via c-section. Of course I have had lots of down time with the surgery, but on January 7th I’ll be released to workout again. I CAN NOT WAIT! This pregnancy I couldn’t workout the last month, besides walking. Everything was just too uncomfortable. So it will be a good 10 weeks since I’ve been able to workout. I’ve realized that’s not been great for my mental state.

So what is my game plan this time around? Here it is…

  1. Get an inbody test done so I know exactly where I am at with my body composition, basal metabolic rate, muscle mass, etc. If you live in the Indy area and want to get one done as well, you can book with Lexi here: http://www.patientfusion.com/doctor/alexis-yoo-87822 (I’m getting this done on January 7th.
  2. Also on January 7th, as I mentioned above, I have my doctor’s appointment to get released for working out.
  3. I’m joining a challenge at my gym, Three Kings. The challenge runs January 7th (perfect timing) – February 4th. The person who loses the most body fat % wins, with a male and female winner. All you have to do is get an inbody with Lexi to enter, so again, perfect timing.
  4. After I have my inbody results, I will adjust my macros accordingly to align with my goals, all while monitoring my milk supply, as I am nursing, and can’t let body goals override the importance of milk supply at this time. (If you are in the same boat and need help with this, shoot me a message..working with new moms is my favorite!)
  5. Start working out! Wahoo! I plan to start out slow with Beats classes at Three Kings, walks/runs on treadmill and lighter weight lifting.
  6. Grocery shop/meal prep to best set myself up for success. Kollyns has an intolerance to dairy, soy and egg, so I have had to eliminate all of those from my diet. I’ll be sure to share what I am eating/prepping along the way.

So that’s it. That is my plan for kicking off January. Anyone in with me? I’d love the support/accountability!

If you are focusing on your health this time of year, and need any help with your diet or accountability, shoot me a message. I would love to help!

Also, I think joining in on a challenge, or setting performance goals, instead of just weight loss goals, really helps to keep you motivated. And whatever you chose to do to get back on track, pick something that is sustainable to you. Avoid a binge diet or crazy workout schedule that you cannot maintain for the long run.

Best of luck to you all! Updates to come…

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    December 31, 2018 at 3:07 pm

    We have a few topics up and would love for you to share your thoughts and any advice you have


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