Today I visited Yoo Direct Health to have my first Inbody Test done since having Kollyns almost 7 weeks ago. I also needed it as an entry into the Three Kings/Macros Lab Assault Bike Challenge. Lets just say, I have a lot of body fat to lose and lean mass to gain!

Also from the Inbody I got my BMR, so I can more accurately calculate my macros. I love that I have all the data and a starting point so I can see exactly where I am improving, even if the scale doesn’t move much.

Today I also calculated my macros, which makes me excited for working out! Like I mentioned before, I’ll keep a close eye on my milk supply, and be flexible with macros adjustments needed. Now that I have my macros, I just need food!

I did a small grocery haul at Target to get me started, and I am starting out super simple!

I have chicken and ground beef for my protein sources. I’ll cook the chicken in the crockpot and shred and cook the ground beef burgers and keep in the fridge so I always have protein when I need it. Plus I have my Vegan protein powder, collagen peptides, and protein bars.

For carbs this week I am sticking to sweet potatoes and rice. The rice is instant and I can cook up in 90 seconds, and the cubed sweet potatoes I will roast and store in the fridge. I also have oatmeal almost every day, which is another main carb source for me, and great for milk supply. For fruit as carbs I picked up some berries, bananas and apples. For low carb/rest days I picked up some rice bowls to try out.

When it comes to fats I get most from almond butter, my protein bars, olive oil and the ground beef I bought this week.

The other item I always stock up on…all the veggies! I’ll cook broccoli, and Brussels sprouts and store those in the fridge. I also just grabbed some mixed frozen veggies that I can pull out and steam in the microwave quickly.

That is about it for me at least for the next 3-4 days. Keeping it super simple where I can open the fridge, grab some chicken or ground beef, sweet potatoes or rice, and veggies for a quick lunch or dinner. It’s always easier to stay on track for me when I have food prepped and cooked ahead of time. Since I am home during the day I wont pre-portion the meals out, but you can definitely do that and write down the macros. I’ll just mix and match what sounds good and what I need based on my macros that day.

If you need more details on a very basic meal prep and meals you can make out of food you prep, click here.

If you are doing the challenge, good luck and if you have any questions on getting an Inbody, grocery shopping or meal prep just let me know!

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