Did you set health and fitness goals at the beginning of the year? How are you doing with them? For me, I find I have a great week where I am getting to the gym, eating clean, hitting my macros, and then I have a week where I lose focus, have one too many treats or eat out more than I would like too.  I realized why this was happening…I had goals but no timeline in to which they needed to be achieved. They were “lose baby weight” and “lose body fat, gain lean mass” and “fit back into my pre-pregnancy jeans”. But I didn’t give myself an end date or a real way to measure progress.

So to keep me more focused on achieving my goals, I have set up three appointments for Inbody tests. (May – August – November, which is 6 – 9 – 12 months after having Kollyns) Now I have exact dates to measure my progress. The Inbody is great because it will show exactly how much body fat I have lost and lean mass I have gained, unlike the scale.  

If you live in the Indy area and are interested in scheduling Inbody tests to keep yourself focused and accountable Yoo Direct Health is running a special on them in the month of April. Three Inbody tests for $75. (Normally $35 each.) You can DM them or 317.523.9160 to schedule.

So if you find yourself losing focus on your goals, put them on your calendar. It might look like an Inbody test on May 7th or a 5k race on June 8th.  You’ll be more likely to complete that run training or put the cookie back so you can achieve your best results, or set a new PR when the date comes. No one wants to pay for an Inbody, or enter a race and get he same results they always have.

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