Kollyns turned 6 months old a few weeks ago, and she is just awesome! She’s easy going, watches her brother and puppy all day long, cries when she’s hungry and tired, and is generally happy! She isn’t the best sleeper; we are working on that. I’m still avoiding dairy, soy and egg for her intolerances. She has found her voice, rolls like crazy and has rolls like crazy..baby girl is just over 19 pounds! We love her!!

I’m still improving body composition wise, but it’s slow, and I’ve been fine with it for some reason this time around. I got another Inbody done at Yoo Direct Health. Body fat is going down, Muscle mass is going up, but again, slowly. Why? Easy…diet.

If you want an Inbody to see where you are at, contact Yoo Direct Health, they are the best!

So lets talk about diet a bit, or the lack there of. I don’t think I have tracked a full day of macros in My Fitness Pal in almost two months! I could come up with a million excuses, but it comes down to not making the time and being lazy. BUT I am ready to start tracking again, start hitting my macros again, and start eating nutrient dense foods. And not because I think I’m “fat” or look horrible, but because I don’t feel good. I’m tired. I don’t have a ton of energy. (some of that is a 6 month old that does not sleep well at night) But cleaning up my diet is only going to help me feel my best!

So I’m not going on a crazy diet, or cutting calories, or working out for hours on end. I am just getting back to basics and doing what I did before I was pregnant. Hit my macros, eat mostly vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and lean protein. Limit alcohol, sugar, etc. Hit my macros each day. Getting so busy/tired and eating an entire bag of Ritz chips and a diet coke for lunch/afternoon snack isn’t cutting it!

With our vacations and a sick baby, my workouts the past 3 weeks have also not been as consistent. This is a much easier fix for me. Just hit the gym 4-5 times a week. And probably more importantly is being active during the day when I’m not at the gym. What does that look like…walking the dog, playing with Jaxon in the yard or on the playground, swimming with him at the pool, taking the stairs, getting in more steps, etc. Increasing my total daily energy expenditure. It’s also so much easier to do this time around when the weather is nice and you can be outside.

So that is the plan. It’s starting June 17th and hopefully lasting well past August 17th, but that is my birthday and a good two month window to get strict, create new habits, and then have another inbody done to see where I am at.


  1. Feel my best!
  2. Nourish my body with healthy foods (and baby)
  3. Lose a bit more body fat (would like to be in the 18% – 15% range)
  4. Continue to add lean mass
  5. Get in workouts 5 times a week
  6. Turn these healthy actions into long-term habits
  7. Keep up milk supply

So who is with me? Two months of focus (and hopefully many healthy habits gained for going into the holiday season!)

Let me know if you have any questions. Or if you want a more focused macro plan and one-on-one coaching I can always help you with that too.

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