I just got done cleaning out our toy room…trash piles, donate piles, move down to the basement piles. We don’t need anymore toys. Do you feel me?

Here are my top 10 gift recommendations for the kiddos that are NOT toys! And I’ve linked my favorites and/or what we have bought for the kids.

1. Lessons.

In our case it will be swim lessons, but there are so many options…gymnastics, a basketball league, ninja class, etc. This gives them a weekly activity where they can have fun, meet new friends, and get all the energy out this winter! (also to go along with this you can ask family for things like fun swim towels, swimsuits, goggles, etc.)

2.Museum Membership.

We live in the Indy area and the Indianapolis Children’s Museum is our favorite! We also enjoy going to Conner Prairie, especially in the summer. Look into some museums close to you. A lot of them are running membership specials this time of year too.

3.Tickets to an Event.

Disney on Ice is very timely for us. It usually comes to Indy in December or January and even we find it so entertaining! Checkout what kid’s shows are coming near you this winter. Paw Patrol and Disney Junior are a few other good ones we have been too. Want a more cost effective option? Take the family to a movie instead.

4.Zoo Membership.

Again, we live in Indy and the Indianapolis Zoo is a nice membership to have. While I prefer some of the museums over the zoo, even if you plan to take your family about 3 times, it’s worth getting the membership. If you live in Fort Wayne, they have our favorite zoo!


I know, this might not be the most exciting thing (maybe a vaca to go with it haha), but a good small carry-on, roller bag always comes in handy for us. Jaxon needs a new one and Kollyns needs one. These aren’t just for flying, but road trips too. Jaxon even packs toys in his and rolls it around the house pretending he is going to a sleep over.

6.Nugget Comfort.

If you can get one! We struck out on Black Friday, but they are having another launch December 18th. These are great for watching movies, playing and imagination. I’ve heard wonderful things!

7.Toy Room Furniture.

Over the last 3 years our little table and chair set has taken a beating and I think it’s time for a new one. Jaxon uses this for everything from playing “restaurant” to doing art projects and everything in between.


Over here it’s Power Rangers and Superheroes. Jaxon loves dressing up, and I love to see his imagination run. The best deal would probably have been to scoop these up right after Halloween. (mental note for next year.)


You really cannot go wrong with books. My favorites are Usborne books, because I basically have a personal shopper in my friend, Jamie. I already ordered some this year for both Jaxon and Kollyns, and all I had to do was send her a message and she sent me great recommendations for both.

10.Games and Puzzles.

I love these because it gets the whole family engaged, and brings us back to childhood- Candy Land, Chutes & Ladders, Go Fish.

Some other fun ideas- Disney+ subscription, bounce house (if you have the room), art supplies, and sports equipment.

Now don’t get me wrong, Santa will bring a few toys for them to open (although with Kollyns they might just be wrapped toys she already owns haha). I’m thinking a lego set and nerf guns.

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